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Leaking Water Service Line!!

So here is the situation…


You get home from work to find that the water utility company has left you a note stating that you have a leak on your water line. Oh no, right? Nobody wants to come home to that! Your mind is instantly spinning with “worst case scenario’s” and all you can imagine is how your yard will look after the water line is replaced and that its going to cost you a small fortune!


Don’t over think it. In most cases we can install a new water service line from the meter to your home without leaving any indication that the work was even done, and we can do it way quicker than you might think! We utilize a technology called Horizontal Directional Drilling and can literally drill in a new line for you in as little as half a day! And to make it even sweeter, if your an EWEB customer, you just might even qualify for an interest free loan!


In some instances, you may actually notice the leak before the the water company. How so you ask? Well start by paying attention to your water consumption on your monthly utility bill. This is a handy tool as the utility company usually shows you what your consumption was for the same month the previous year. Another indicator could be a beautiful green spot in your lawn. As the ground begins to dry up during the summer months, pay careful attention to your water line. As it dries, it begins to shift a bit and can create or aggravate a leak due to this shifting. And if you ever do find that you have  a leak or if you just want a professional to take a look for your piece of mind,  give us a jingle here at Pacific Plumbing and we can get a plumber right out! And, estimates are always free!